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Come on Perth! Slap on your roller skates, pump up the glitter, and get hip to the muses in Xanadu, the laugh-out-loud musical.


Xanadu follows Clio, the lovely and precocious Greek muse who decides to put on some roller skates, legwarmers, and an Australian accent in order to help Sonny Malone, a chalk artist with half a brain and a heart of gold, rediscover his own creativity.


With both help and hindrance from the other muses Xanadu is the rare musical with a big heart, an even bigger funny bone, and a tongue stuck firmly in its cheek. Hailed as "the most fun you’ll have on Broadway" (The New Yorker)

Presented by HAMA Productions

 Tickets on SALE now

Introducing our Creative Team

Director: Olivia Jade  

Set Design: Rhiannon Walker 

Musical Director: Taui Pinker

Choreographer: Meagan Boniface




Show Reel

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